The artist's book is the perfect convergence between art and design, it is a diverse expression with more parameters than the standardized book, a reading experience and form conceived by the author, keeping editorial aspects but introduced in the market as an artwork with an interdisciplinary character.

Artist publishers are expected to be more creative than regular publishers, to do things differently, in an original way. In my case, it will be by allowing people to collaborate and be part of special collections. I also believe in the unrestricted distribution of information through creative commons and printing on demand, which is cheap and sustainable.




Things Things Things
Registro sonoro de un martes ruidoso
La pared


We are visual poetry

Apuntes sobre historia visual del arte

Writer's block


Information diet

Lexical series

I would say my practice is to publish both, my work and the work of others, because artists who only publish themselves do not create a dialogue between authors, and remain in a solitary studio practice. In order to create new ways of reading and intertextuality, a process that involves more than print a publication and distributes it. Publication is the creation of a public which means that an artist publisher doesn't only have to print ephemeral artworks, but also create the conditions for other people to see them as such.

We have to be concerned in remain the main purpose of the book as a container of knowledge and visual information. It is clear that in the future we will see more technical innovations in book structure. We can imagine, for example, that future forms of books might be developed not by conventional publishers, but by the gaming industry. However, there is no better time for the book than now.

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