There is something about the materiality of the zine, you can feel it, stick it in your pocket, read it in the park, give it away at a show. Zines are bursts of raw emotion. Their cut and paste look is a graphic explosion unbeholden to rules of design.


2014 - Derivadas
2015 - Variedades

2016 - Passwords

2017 - Queeries​

Zines are tangible, are material. The writing is contained in an object that physically ages. Ink fades. Paper yellows. Holding a zine from even just ten years ago feels like holding a historical document. It's easier to place it, the writing inside, and the person who wrote it, in a particular moment in time, to contextualize it. Words appearing on a computer screen, even if they are date-stamped, seem the opposite: decontextualized, ahistorical, atemporal.

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